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There are kind Slytherins.image

There are brave Hufflepuffs.image

There are some stupid Ravenclaws.

There are twisted Gryffindors.

Your House doesn’t define you.

And please, the next time you’re about to tease someone for being a lowly Hufflepuff, or a slimy Slytherin, or a stuck up Ravenclaw or even a foolish Gryffindor, just remember that we are all Hogwarts students. We’re all part of the magic.


(Source: killersbabe)

callistylo asked:

hi, i just saw a post of your trickster roxy cosplay and it's awesome! i'm working on mine right now and was wondering how you made the tights/leggings? =)

I didn’t actually make Trickster Roxy. My lovely friend did. csplyrichigo is her tumblr she can answer your question.

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